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Muslim Girl names starting with R

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Raghidah Girl Pleasant Select
Raha Girl Peaceful Select
Rahaf Girl Delicate, fine Select
Raheemah Girl Merciful. Select
Rahila Girl One who travels. Select
Rahilah Girl One who travels. Select
Rahimah Girl Merciful, compassionate Select
Rahiq Girl Nectar Select
Rahma Girl Mercy. Select
Rahmaa Girl To have mercy upon. Select
Rahmah Girl Mercy Select
Raidah Girl Leader, pioneer. Select
Raidah, Raaida Girl Leader Select
Raifah Girl Merciful Select
Raihana Girl The fragrance of a rose. Select
Raima Girl Happiness. Select
Raiqah Girl Clear, Pure, Undisturbed. Select
Raitah Girl A narrator of Hadith. Select
Raja, Raja Girl Hope Select
Rajiyah Girl Hoping, full of hope. Select
Rameesha Girl A bunch of roses. Select
Ramia Girl Sender. Select
Ramlah Girl Old Arabic name Select
Ramsha Girl Face like moon. Select
Ramzia Girl Gift. Select