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Muslim Girl names starting with R

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Razan Girl Balanced. Select
Razan, Razaan Girl Sensibility and respect Select
Razia Girl Content, Satisfied. Select
Reeha Girl Air. Select
Reem Girl Beautiful Gazelle. Select
Reema Girl White antalope. Select
Reham Girl Rain drops. Select
Rehana Girl A handfull of sweet basil. Select
Rehemat Girl Gift. Select
Reja Girl Good News. Select
Reshma Girl Golden Silk, Expensive. Select
Reyah Girl Comfort. Select
Reyhana Girl Sweet smelling flower of paradise. Select
Rida Girl Favored by God Select
Rifaat Girl Altitude, Height, High. Select
Riffat Girl High. Select
Rihab Girl Vastness, expanse Select
Riham Girl Lasting, fine rain Select
Rihana Girl Sweet basil Select
Rija Girl Desire, Hope. Select
Rijja Girl Heavens beauty. Select
Rim, Reem Girl Gazelle Select
Rima, Reema Girl White antelope Select
Rimsha Girl Bunch of flowers. Select
Rizqin Girl Good fortune. Select