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Muslim Girl names starting with S

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Saadia Girl Lucky. Select
Saadiya Girl Flower. Select
Saaleha Girl Flower. Select
Saaliha Girl Pure pios and devoted. Select
Saba Girl Sheba, a town in Yemen Select
Sabaa Girl a nice wind Select
Sabah Girl Morning Select
Sabburah Girl Very patient, enduring. Select
Sabeen Girl Cool breeze of the morning. Select
Sabeeyah Girl Baby girl. Select
Sabiha Girl Beautiful. Select
Sabihah Girl Beautiful Select
Sabina Girl Flower. Select
Sabiqah Girl Past. Select
Sabirah Girl Patient, perseverant. Select
Sabirah, Saabira Girl Patient Select
Sabr Girl Patience, self control Select
Sabrina Girl White rose. Select
Sabriyah Girl Patient Select
Sabuhi Girl Morning Star Select
Sadad Girl Right thing to do, lucky hand Select
Sadaf Girl Shell, Oyster, Pearl. Select
Sadah Girl Happiness Select
Sadiah Girl Good luck. Select
Sadiqah Girl Truthful, sincere. Select