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Muslim Girl names starting with T

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Tabalah Girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Select
Tabassum Girl Smiling Select
Tabinda Girl Bright, shining. Select
Tafida Girl Paradise (egyptian name). Select
Taghrid Girl Singing (as a bird) Select
Tahani Girl Congratulations Select
Tahera Girl Pure, chaste. Select
Tahira Girl Holy, Pure. Select
Tahirah Girl Pure, chaste. Select
Tahirah, Taahira Girl Pure, chaste Select
Tahiyah Girl Greeting Select
Tahiyat Girl Greetings Select
Tahseenah Girl Acclaim. Select
Taibah Girl Repentant. Select
Taima, Tayma Girl Oasis in Northwest Arabia Select
Takiyah Girl Pious, righteous Select
Talah, Taalah Girl Young palm tree Select
Talibah Girl Seeker after knowledge Select
Tamadur Girl Brilliant Select
Tamara Girl Date tree. Select
Tameemah Girl Name of a poetess. Select
Tanisha Girl Happiness. Select
Tanweer Girl Radiant, Illuminating. Select
Tanzeela Girl Revelation, Receiving hospitably. Select
Taqiyah Girl Heedful of God Select