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Muslim Girl names starting with Z

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Zeba Girl Beauty. Select
Zeena Girl Ornament, Something beautiful. Select
Zeenat Girl Gorgeous. Select
Zehna Girl Beautiful. Select
Zehra Girl Flower. Select
Zenia Girl Flower. Select
Zerina Girl Princess, Smart, Inteligent. Select
Zia Girl Light, Splendid Select
Zilal Girl Shade, Shadow Select
Zinah Girl Beauty. Select
Zinah, Zinat Girl Adornment, ornamentation Select
Zinneerah Girl Name of a sahabiah. Select
Ziram Girl Glow Select
Ziya Girl Light Select
ziyada Girl Growth Select
Ziyan Girl Elegance Select
Zoeya Girl Life. Select
Zoha Girl Light. Select
Zoharin Girl Dawn, light of day Select
Zohra Girl Venus, jewels of sky. Select
Zohura Girl Beautiful, innocent and caring. Select
Zonira Girl Precious Stone, Expensive Jewel. Select
Zorah Girl Dawn. Select
Zoufishan Girl Moonlight. Select
Zoya Girl Loving & caring. Select