Muslim Names and Meaning

Islamic Baby Names

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Muslim names

Name Gender Meaning Favorites
YathribBoyFormer name of the city of Madinnah.
YazanBoyOd Arabic name
YazeedBoyGod will increase, enhance
YazeedahGirlIncrease, growth
Yazid, YazeedBoyGod will increase, enhance
YeldaGirlDark night.
Youssef, Yusef, YusufBoyTo increase (in power and influence); a Prophets name (Joseph)
YuhannisBoyThe name of a freed salve of Zubair.
YumnGirlGood fortune, success
YumnaGirlGood fortune, success.
Yumnah, YumnaGirlRight side
YunusBoyA Prophet's Name.
Yunus, YoonusBoyA Prophets name (Jonah)
YusayrahGirlEasy. One of the first two swear allegiance (bayah) to the Prophet (S.A.W) among the Ansar (but it is also said that she was among the Muhajirs (Emigrants).
YushuaBoyGod saves
YusrBoyEase, Convenience.
Yusra, YusraaGirlMost prosperous
YusriBoyWell to do, wealthy
YusriyahGirlMost prosperous
YusufBoyA Prophets name (Joseph)
ZaaraGirlBeautiful Flower.