Muslim Names and Meaning

Islamic Baby Names

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Muslim names

Name Gender Meaning Favorites
ZuhoorBoyAppearance, Manifestation.
ZuhurGirlto flower, to blossom, to glow
ZulaykhaGirlShe was a narrator of Hadith.
ZulaymBoyA narrator of Hadith.
ZulekhaGirlBrilliant beauty.
ZulfaGirlFirst part of the night.
ZulfahGirlNearness, closeness.
ZulfaqarBoySword that the Prophet (S.A.W) gave to Sayyidina Ali.
ZulfiqarBoySword name of Hazart Ali.
ZumzumGirlSweet water of paradise.
ZunairahGirlFlower found in paradise.
ZunnoonBoyAppellation of Prophet Yunus (A.S).
ZutiBoyName of the grandfather of Imam Abu Hanifah.