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Na'eemah Female Joyful.
Na'il Male Acquirer, earner.
Na'ilah Female Acquirer, obtainer, winner.
Na'imah Female Comfort, tranquillity.
Naa'irah Female Bright, Shining.
Naadir Male Dear, Rare, Precious.
Naaz Female Pride, elegance
Naazneen Female Beautiful.
Naba Female Great News.
Nabeeha Female Intelligent.
Nabeel Male Noble Man.
Nabeelah Female Noble.
Nabhan Male Alert.
Nabhan, Nabih Male Noble, outstanding
Nabigh Male Genius.
Nabighah Male Intelligent
Nabih Male Smart
Nabiha Female Eminent, noble, alert, intelligent
Nabihah Female Intelligent, noble, eminent.
Nabihah, Nabeeha Female Intelligent
Nabijah Female Ambitious, Leader and Brave.
Nabil Male Noble, generous.
Nabil, Nabeel Male Noble
Nabila Female Happiness, generosity.
Nabilah Female Noble, magnanimous.
Nabilah, Nabeela Female Noble
Nada Female Generousity, dew
Nadeem Male Companion, Friend.
Nadhir Male Warner
Nadia ندي Female dewy
Nadidah, Nadeeda Female Equal, rival
Nadim Male Friend, companion.
Nadim, Nadeem Male Friendly, entertaining
Nadimah Female Friend.
Nadir Male Dear, rare, precious
Nadirah Female Rare, precious.
Nadirah, Nadira Female Rare, precious
Nadiyah Female Announcement
Nadr Male Flourishing.
Nadra Female Rare, unique.
Nadwah, Nadwa Female Council, generosity
Nadyne Female Flower
Naeem Male Blessing, Ease.
Naeema Female Ease, blessing.
Nafasat Male Refinement.
Nafeesa Female Precious.
Nafi Male Useful
Nafiah Female Profitable.
Nafis Male Precious.
Nafisah Female Precious gem.
Nafisah, Nafeesa Female Precious thing, gem
Naflah Female Surplus, overabundance
Nageenah Female Precious Stone.
Nagheen Female Pearl.
Nagina Female Diamond.
Nahal Female Small Plant.
Naheed Female Honorable.
Nahid Female One with full, round breasts
Nahid Male Generosity
Nahida Female Elevated, delightful.
Nahidah, Naheeda Female Big
Nahla Female Drink
Nahlah, Nahla Female A drink of water
Nahleejah Female Down to earth, cool.
Naib Male Deputy, Second in Command.
Naifah Female This was the name of a well-known, woman loved by the masses for her kindness and generosity, her advice was sought by the people in different affairs.
Nail Male Aquirer, earner
Nailah Female One who succeeds.
Nailah, Naila Female Acquirer, obtainer, one who succeeds
Naim Male Comfort, ease, tranquility
Naimah, Naima Female Comfort, amenity, tranquility, peace; living a soft, enjoyable life
Nain Female Eye.
Naina Female Eyes.
Naira Female Shinning, glittering
Najaf Female City in iraq
Najah Female Success, safety.
Najah, Najaah Female Success
Najair Male Little Star.
Najam Male Star.
Najat Female Safety
Najdah Female Courage, bravery.
Najeeb Male Of noble birth.
Najeed Male Highland.
Naji Male Safe, survivor
Najib Male Intelligent.
Najib, Najeeb Male Of noble descent
Najibah Female Of noble birth, distinguished.
Najibah, Najeeba Female Distinguished; of noble birth
Najid Male Lion, brave
Najidah Female Succour, Help.
Najih Male Successful.
Najihah Female Victory.
Najiyah Female Safe
Najjar Male Carpenter
Najla Female Of wide eyes
Najm Male Star, celestial body.
Najm al Din Male Star of the faith
Najmah Female Star
Najwa Female Confidential talk, romantic talk, secret conversation
Najya Female Victorious
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