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NamesGenderMeaningMy Baby Names
Abdul MuqsitBoySlave of the Just.Add
Abdul MuqtadirBoyServant of the PowerfulAdd
Abdul MusawwirBoyServant of the FashionerAdd
Abdul MutaalBoyServant of the Most HighAdd
Abdul MutiBoySlave of the Giver.Add
Abdul MuzanniBoyHe was a narrator of Hadith.Add
Abdul NafiBoyServant of the BenefactorAdd
Abdul NaseerBoySlave of the Helper.Add
Abdul NasirBoyServant of the Helper, ProtectorAdd
Abdul NasserBoyServant of the Victorious OneAdd
Abdul NoorBoySlave of the one who is Light.Add
Abdul NurBoyServant of the LightAdd
Abdul QaadirBoyServant of the CapableAdd
Abdul QadeerBoySlave of the Powerful.Add
Abdul QadirBoyServant of the CapableAdd
Abdul QahaarBoyServant of the Subduer and the AlmightyAdd
Abdul QahharBoyServant of the Subduer, the AlmightyAdd
Abdul QawiBoyServant of the Most StrongAdd
Abdul QayyumBoyServant of the Self SubsistingAdd
Abdul QuddusBoyServant of the Most HolyAdd
Abdul QudoosBoyServant of the Most HolyAdd
Abdul RaafiBoyServant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), One who ElevatesAdd
Abdul RabbBoySlave of the Lord.Add
Abdul RafiBoyServant of the One Who Raises, Elevates (intellect, esteem)Add
Abdul RaheemBoyServant of the Most CompassionateAdd