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Random Baby Names

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Abdul Hafiz Boy Servant of the Protector Select
Unaysah Girl Friendly; Affable. Select
Ubaid Boy Faithful Select
Abdul Azeez Boy The servant of the most powerful. Select
Ayyash Boy Bread seller. Select
Shimaz Girl Beloved. Select
Yakootah Girl Emerald Select
Sobia Girl Good and Noble Girl. Select
Lulya Girl Pearl Select
Eimaan Girl Faith. Select
Samih Boy Forgiver Select
Utaybah Girl A narrator of Hadith. Select
Sharique Boy Sunrise. Select
Athir Girl Favored, preferred Select
Wareesha Girl Happiness. Select
Wasilah Girl Inseparable friend. Select
Hibbah Girl Gift of God. Select
Shahana Girl Queen. Select
Jabeen Girl Forehead. Select
Rais Boy Captain Select
Abdul Maalik Boy Slave of the Master, the Lord. Select
Rukayat Girl

It is the name of one of the daughters of the Prophet

Amirah Girl Royal lady, Princess. Select
Dabir Boy Secretary Select
Nabil Boy Noble, generous. Select

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