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Random Baby Names

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Nishaaj Boy Explorer. Select
Mukarram Girl Honored Select
Shukri Boy Thankfulness Select
Mudabbir Boy One who plans. Select
Salifah Girl Previous. Select
Sahlah, Sahla Girl Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing Select
Mahbeer Boy Brave. Select
Taima, Tayma Girl Oasis in Northwest Arabia Select
Qais Boy Lover. Select
Wakeel Boy Agent, Representative. Select
Quddusiyyah Girl Sacred, Pious. Select
Judi Girl Name of a mountain mentioned in the Quran Select
Aleemah Girl Knowing, Knowledgeable. Select
Zarif Boy Nice, graceful, humorous Select
Mounira Girl It's shining. Select
Kafeel Boy Responsible, Surety, Sponsor. Select
Ata al Rahman Boy Gift of the Beneficent Select
Maysun, Maysoon Girl To walk with a proud, swinging gait Select
Fawz Girl Victory or success Select
Azizah, Aziza, Azeeza Girl Precious, cherished, beloved, dear Select
Altaf Boy Kindness Select
Subhiyah Girl of the morning Select
Faizah Girl

Successful, winner

Kabirah Girl Elder, Big. Select
Hayrah Girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Select

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