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Random Baby Names

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Abir Girl Serious, beautiful. Select
Yasmin Girl Jasmine flower. Select
Murtadaa Boy Chosen one. Select
Midhah Girl Praise. Select
Halah, Haala Girl Aureole Select
Abdul Adheem Boy

Servant of the Most Great.

Shahzaadee Girl Princess. Select
Madihah, Madeeha Girl Praiseworthy, commendable Select
Abu al Khayr Boy One who does good Select
Abdul Khaliq Boy Servant of the Creator Select
Inaam Boy Reward, favour, Prize. Select
Jabir Boy Consoler, comforter Select
Rasmiyah Girl Official, formal Select
Batal Boy Champion. Select
Shanika Girl Good. Select
Uhud Girl Commitment, pledge, delegation Select
Azab Boy Touring, travelling, wandering Select
Walid, Waleed Boy Newborn child Select
Nesrin Girl A field of wild roses. Select
Imtithal Girl Polite obedience Select
Sayid Boy Lord, Master. Select
Luay Boy Shield Select
Afzal Boy Best, top most. Select
Rahmaa Girl To have mercy upon. Select
Karam Girl Generosity Select

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