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Random Baby Names

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Nosheen Girl Sweet Thing. Select
Ahmad Boy Most highly adored. Select
Naaz Girl Pride, elegance Select
Hudhaifah, Hudhayfah Boy Old Arabic name Select
Walid, Waleed Boy Newborn child Select
Abdul Wajid Boy Servant of the Finder Select
Uhud Girl Commitment, pledge, delegation Select
Baha, Baha Boy Beautiful, magnificent Select
Shafee Boy Intercessor. Select
Nayyirah Girl Luminary. Select
Shabb Boy Young. Select
Rabit Boy Binding, Fastening. Select
Kazi Boy Judge. Select
Khalis Boy Pure, clear Select
Humayun Boy Blessed, sacred, royal, imperial. Select
Tanweer Girl Radiant, Illuminating. Select
Arsh Boy Dominion , Crown Select
Abdul Kabir Boy Slave of the Great. Select
Abdul Jaleel Boy Servant of the Great and Revered Select
Adli Boy Judicial, juridicial Select
Mufaddal Boy One who is preferred. Select
Maher Boy Skilled. Select
Fazzilet Girl Blessings of Allah. Select
Batul, Batool Girl Ascetic virgin Select
Mustakim Boy Straight road. Select

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