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Random Baby Names for Boys

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Nadim Boy Friend, companion. Select
Aqeil Boy Knowledgable. Select
Aasim Boy Person who keeps away from sins. Select
Abdur-Raqeeb Boy Servant of the Watchful. Select
Ghutayf Boy Affluent. Select
Haroon Boy A Prophet's name. Select
Sumayya Boy Matyr of Islam. Select
Nijad Boy Tall, dominant Select
Shahrukh Boy Concerning, monarchy. Select
Tawfeeq Boy Divine help or guidance, enabling, inner motivation. Select
Saqr Boy Falcon Select
Marzuq Boy Blessed by God, fortunate Select
Rabi' Boy Spring, breeze. Select
Nizar Boy Old Arabic name Select
Mohid Boy The one who believes in oneness of Allah Almighty. Select
Mustatab Boy Good, Delectable. Select
Abdul Baari Boy Servant of the Creator. Select
Abdul Jaleel Boy Servant of the Great and Revered Select
Mulayl Boy A companion was so named. Select
Abdul Muhaymin Boy Slave of the Protector. Select
Sadeed Boy Relevant, Pertinent. Select
Abdul Haadi Boy

Servant of the Guide.

Abdul Ghafaar Boy Servant of the Forgiver Select
Hujjat Boy Argument, reasoning, proof. Select
Muttaqi Boy Righteous, one who fears Allah. Select

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