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Random Baby Names for Boys

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Abdur-Raqeeb Boy Servant of the Watchful. Select
Farid, Fareed Boy Unique, rare Select
Masarrat Boy Happiness, delight, joy. Select
Rasul Boy Messenger Select
Zamil Boy Friend, collegue. Select
Karif, Kareef Boy Born in Autumn Select
Lu'ay Boy Shield. Select
Baha, Baha Boy Beautiful, magnificent Select
Shumayl Boy Complete Select
Abdul Awwal Boy Slave of the First One. Select
Tarif, Tareef Boy Rare, uncommon Select
Abdul Ahad Boy Servant of the One Select
Zeeshan Boy

A high standard.

Saif Boy Sword. Select
Hatim Boy Judge Select
Muneeb Boy One who turns in repentance. Select
Haddad Boy Smith Select
Reza Boy Wish. Select
Afraz Boy Standing tall like a mountain,ability to withstand all that is thrushed upon it. Select
Shihab al Din Boy Star of the Faith Select
Iqraam Boy To be of assistance, respect. Select
Thabit Boy Firm Select
Fawad Boy Heart Select
Shariq Boy Radiant, Bright. Select
Ghasaan Boy Old Arabic name Select

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