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Random Baby Names for Boys

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Abdul Mu'eid Boy

Servant of the Restorer.

Musa, Moosa Boy A Prophets name (Moses) Select
Shawaiz Boy Speak melodious. Select
Qareeb Boy Near. Select
Hawshab Boy A son of Iama Muslim had this name. Select
Furozh Boy Light. Select
Khaldun, Khaldoon Boy Old Arabic name Select
Muizz Boy Comforter Select
Sayid Boy Lord, Master. Select
Sulaiman, Sulayman Boy A Prophets name (Solomon) Select
Dhakir Boy One who remembers God frequently Select
Nazmi Boy Arranger, organizer Select
Zayn Boy Beauty Select
Ghassan Boy Ardor, vigor (of youth) Select
Mujazziz Boy Name of a companion. Select
Ahmad Boy Most highly adored. Select
Abdul Hakeem Boy Servant of the Wise Select
Akram Boy Most generous Select
Khursheed Boy The sun. Select
Ubaydullah Boy Servant of Allah. Select
Abdul Muhaymin Boy Slave of the Protector. Select
Abu Bakr Boy Name of one of the Prophets companions Select
Abdul Salam Boy Servant of the Peace Select
Munqad Boy One who is led, conducted, obedient. Select
Shallal Boy Waterfalls. Select

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