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Random Baby Names for Boys

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Qurban Boy Offering, Sacrifice. Select
Lutfi Boy Kind, gentle Select
Mandhur Boy Vowed, consecrated to God Select
Waliy al Din Boy Supporter of the faith Select
Wafi Boy Faithful, loyal. Select
Suheb Boy Love. Select
Kaseem, Kasim Boy Divided Select
Rehan Boy King Select
Qutuz Boy NULL Select
Abdul Shakur Boy Servant of the Most Thankful Select
Wajeeh Boy Commanding Personality. Select
Munib Boy Repentent Select
Lahi'ah Boy A narrator of hadith. Select
Kajji Boy An authority of hadith at Baghdad. Select
Juma' Boy Friday. Select
Dawoud Boy A Prophet's name Select
Jalil, Jaleel Boy Great, revered Select
Kishwar Boy A country, region. Select
Talib Boy Seeker (of truth) Select
Zunnoon Boy Appellation of Prophet Yunus (A.S). Select
Rashad Boy Integrity of conduct, maturity, wisdom Select
Obaid Boy Small Slave Select
Abdul Mubdi Boy Servant of the Originator Select
Imran, Imran Boy Long lived; a Prophets name Select
Yusri Boy Well to do, wealthy Select

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