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Random Baby Names for Girls

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Najdah Girl Courage, bravery. Select
Alishba Girl Pretty. Select
Dhuka Girl Name of the sun Select
Ghuzayyah Girl She was a narrator of hadith. Select
Atiyah, Atiya Girl Gift, present Select
Mersiha Girl The most beautiful. Select
Sumaiyah, Sumayyah Girl Name of a lady companion of the Prophet — the first martyr in Islam Select
Nadia Girl dewy Select
Nilofer Girl Wild Mountain Rose. Select
Qadr Girl Fate, destiny Select
Aimal Girl Hope. Select
Fatinah Girl Captivating, alluring, intelligent. Select
Musta'eenah Girl One who prays for help. Select
Komal Girl Beautiful. Select
Rafa, Rafa Girl Happiness, prosperity Select
Umamah Girl Young mother; name of the Prophets granddaughter Select
Hajrah Girl The wife of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S). Select
Saida Girl Most Beautiful, unmatched, friendly. Select
Thara, Tharaa Girl Wealth Select
Aroob Girl Loving to her husband Select
Mufiah Girl Obedient, compliant Select
Nadiyah Girl Announcement Select
Neelofer Girl Lotus, Water Lily. Select
Fara Girl Sunset. Select
Aya Girl Phrase from the holy Quran. Select

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