Random Muslim Baby Names with their meanings
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Nuh Male A Prophet's name.
Aniq Male Elegant.
Suhayl Male Canopus (Star).
Dilshad Khatoon Female She lived between 730-750.
Shahina Female Princess.
Quddusiyyah Female Sacred, Pious.
Pervaiz Male Breeze.
Shairah Female Poetess.
Yarah Female Warm
Waleed Male Newborn Child.
Dalal Female Treated or touched in a kind and loving way
Akleema Female Beautiful. One of the daughters of Adam (A.S).
Waqqas Male Old Arabic name
Mulayl Male A companion was so named.
Zayan Male Bright.
Abdul Basit Male Servant of the Extender
Zuhair, Zuhayr Male Bright, having flowers
Faiqah Female Surpassing, excellent
Muthanna Male Old Arabic name
Abdul-Quddus Male Servant of the Holy.
Qudsiyah Female Glorious, sacred
Abdul-Muta'alee Male Servant of the Most Exalted.
Abdus-Shakur Male Servant of the Appreciative.
Salihah Female Correct, agreeable
Sadoof Female Name of a poetess.

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