Random Muslim Baby Names with their meanings
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Abdul-Baasit Male Servant of the Expander.
Firdaws, Firdoos Female Highest garden in Paradise
Man, Main Male Benefit
Sabih, Sabeeh Male Beautiful, pleasant, fond
Fakihah Female Fruit.
Umayrah Female She was the daughter of Alqamah.
Tahirah, Taahira Female Pure, chaste
Abda Female Worshipper.
Nur-ul-Qiblatayn Male Light of the two Qibla.
Abdul Ghafur Male Servant of the Forgiving
Lut Male A Prophets name (Lot)
Safiyy Male Chosen One.
Zeenat Female Gorgeous.
Nazmi Male Arranger, organizer
Arman Male Army man.
Nihad Female Height
Najeed Male Highland.
Shuhda Female Honey, honeycomb
Sadiq Male Sincere, truthful
Waiz Male Preacher, Sermoniser.
Foziah Female Successful.
Itab Female Censure
Mahrus Male Protected (by God)
Muflih Male Successful
Saadiya Female Flower.

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