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Short and beautiful Muslim baby names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Sakhr Boy Rock Add
Salah Boy Righteousness Add
Salam Boy Peace. Add
Salar Boy Leader. Add
Salif Boy Previous, Former. Add
Salih Boy Safe, whole, flawless. Add
Salik Boy Passable, unobstructed. Add
Salim Boy Secure, free. Add
Salma Girl Peaceful, safe, healthy; a wife of the Prophet Add
Salt Boy A narrator of Hadith. Add
Salwa Girl Solace; quail Add
Samaa Girl Sky. Add
Samah Girl Generosity. Add
Samar Girl Evening conversation Add
Sameh Girl Forgiver Add
Sami Boy High, lofty, elevated Add
Samia Girl Exalted, noble, much praised. Add
Samih Boy Forgiver Add
Samir Boy Entertaining companion. Add
Samit Boy Quiet. Add
Samra Girl Soft, light tanned color Add
Sana Girl Resplendence, brilliance; to gaze, look. Add
Sanam Girl Beloved. Add
Saqer Boy Falcon. Add
Saqib Boy Shining Star. Add
Saqr Boy Falcon Add
Sara Girl Princess. Add
Sarab Boy Mirage. Add
Sarah Girl Name of the wife of the Prophet Ibrahim Add
Sarim Boy Lion, brave, big hearted Add