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Short and beautiful Muslim baby names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Talib Boy Seeker (of truth) Add
Tamam Boy Generous Add
Tamim Boy Strong, complete Add
Tamir Boy Rich; one who owns date palm trees Add
Tanim Boy Wave of the Sea, Rythem. Add
Taqiy Boy Devout, God fearing Add
Tara Girl Star. Add
Tariq Boy Name of a star Add
Tarub Girl Merry Add
Tazim Girl Respect. Add
Thana Girl Thankfulness, praise. Add
Thara Girl Wealth. Add
Thuml Girl Name of an early distinguished woman. Add
Tibah Girl Goodness, kindness Add
Tisha Girl One who is active, lively. (not verified name) Add
Tooba Boy Good news. Add
Tuba Girl The name of a tree in heaven. Add
Ubah Girl Flower. Add
Ubaid Boy Faithful Add
Ubayd Boy Worshipper. Add
Ubayy Boy One with high self esteem Add
Uday Boy One who runs fast Add
Uhban Boy Name of Prophet (S.A.W)'s name. Add
Uhud Girl Commitment, pledge, delegation Add
Ujala Girl Light of the universe. Add
Ula Girl Uppermost, highest Add
Ulfah Girl Harmony, intimacy Add
Ulfat Boy Love, Affection, Familiarity, Intimacy. Add
Umair Boy Intelligent. Add
Umar Boy Name of the second Caliph. Add