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Short and beautiful Muslim baby names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Liba Girl Most Beautiful (Hoor in jannah). Add
Liban Boy Succesfull, charmed. Add
Lina Girl Palm tree. Add
Lu'ay Boy Shield. Add
Lu'lu Girl Pearls. Add
Luay Boy Shield Add
Lubab Girl The best part Add
Luban Girl Pine tree; denotes long neck Add
Lubna Girl Kind of tree Add
Luja Girl of great depth Add
Lulu Girl Pearls Add
Lulya Girl Pearl Add
Lunah Girl Date palm Add
Lut Boy A Prophets name (Lot) Add
Lutf Boy Bounty, enjoyment. Add
Lutfi Boy Kind, gentle Add
Lyne Girl Soft and gentle Add
Ma'n Boy Assistance. Add
Maab Girl Place to which one returns Add
Maali Girl Noble things Add
Maaz Boy Brave Man. Add
Mabad Boy A place of worship. Add
Mad Boy Old Arabic name Add
Mada Girl Utmost point, degree Add
Maha Girl Wild cow; has beautiful eyes Add
Mahad Boy Great, nice. Add
Mahaz Boy The place of war. Add
Mahd Boy The guided one. Add
Mahdi Boy Guided to the right path Add
Mahek Girl Fragrance. Add