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Short and beautiful Muslim baby names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
May Girl Old Arabic name Add
Maysa Girl To walk with a proud, swinging gait. Add
Mazin Boy Old Arabic name Add
Mehek Girl Smell, fragrance. Add
Meher Girl Benevolence. Add
Mehr Girl Full Moon. Add
Mekka Boy Name of Holy city. Add
Mika Boy Cool, sweet, intelligent. Add
Mimar Boy Mason, architect. Add
Mina Girl a place near Makkah Add
Minal Girl Gift, achievement. Add
Minha Girl Grant Add
Mirah Girl Provisions, supply Add
Miraj Boy Ascension (to heaven). Add
Misba Girl Innocent. Add
Misha Girl Beautiful, Pretty. Add
Miyaz Boy Distinguished, preferred Add
Mohga Girl The light of happiness. Add
Mohid Boy The one who believes in oneness of Allah Almighty. Add
Mona Girl Wish, desire. Add
Motaz Boy Proud Add
Mouna Girl Water. Add
Muadh Boy Protected; name of a companion Add
Mubid Boy Intellectual. Add
Mubin Girl Clear, obvious Add
Mubin Boy Clear, evident Add
Mudar Boy An Arabian tribe; name of a great grandfather of the Prophet Add
Mueen Boy One who helps. Add
Mueez Boy One who gives protection. Add
Mufid Boy Useful. Add