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Short and beautiful Muslim baby names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Neha Girl Love, rain. Add
Nejat Girl Freedom, stress free. Add
Nelam Girl Precious stone. Add
Ni'ja Girl Saved One. Add
Nida Girl Call Add
Nidaa Girl Call. Add
Nidal Boy Struggle Add
Nidda Girl Call. Add
Nigar Girl Beautiful. Add
Nihad Girl Height Add
Nihal Girl Drink Add
Nijad Boy Tall, dominant Add
Nijah Girl Success. Add
Nimat Girl Blessing. Add
Nimr Boy Tiger Add
Nimra Girl Soft, Lion. Add
Nina Girl Gracious One. Add
Nisa Girl Women. Add
Nisha Girl Whole World. Add
Nissa Girl Ladylike. Add
Niyaf Girl Tall and pretty Add
Niyaz Boy Dedication, Offering. Add
Nizam Boy Administration. Add
Nizar Boy Old Arabic name Add
Noman Boy Men with all blessings of Allah. Add
Nooh Boy Name of Prophet. Add
Noony Girl Sharp Add
Noor Boy Attribute of Allah. Add
Nora Girl Light. Add
Nouf Girl Highest point on a mountain Add