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Short and beautiful Muslim baby names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Nuaym Boy One of narrators of Hadith. Add
Nuh Boy A Prophet's name. Add
Nuha Girl Intelligence Add
Nuhaa Girl Intelligent. Add
Numa Girl Beautiful and pleasant; happiness Add
Numan Boy Blood, red Add
Nunah Girl Dimple in the chin Add
Nur Boy Light. Add
Nura Girl The light, e.g. nurul islam, the light of islam. Add
Nurah Girl Light. Add
Nuraz Boy The Treasure Of Noor Add
Nuri Boy Shining, brightness. Add
Nuryn Girl Light. Add
Nyla Girl Winner, Achiever Add
Obaid Boy Small Slave Add
Omar Boy


Omera Girl One who posses an inspiring and great personality, enjoys having a positive attitude. Add
Osama Boy Lion. Add
Owais Boy A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W). Add
Qadi Boy Judge. Add
Qadim Boy Ancient. Add
Qadr Girl Fate, destiny Add
Qaim Boy Rising, Standing, Existing, well-grounded. Add
Qais Boy Lover. Add
Qamar Girl Full moon Add
Qani Boy Content, Satisfied. Add
Qanit Boy Obedient, Submissive, Humble, God-fearing. Add
Qasid Boy Messenger. Add
Qasif Boy Discover. Add
Qasim Boy Divider, distributor Add