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Short and beautiful Muslim baby names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Rizq Boy Subsistence, blessing of God Add
Rona Girl Shining light. Add
Rowel Boy Flower. Add
Rua Girl Dreams, visions Add
Ruaa Girl Invisable. Add
Rubaa Girl Hills, height Add
Rubi Girl Red gem Add
Ruhee Girl Soul, a flower, who touches the heart. Add
Ruhi Boy Spiritual Add
Rukan Girl Steady, confident Add
Rushd Girl Sensible conduct Add
Rushd Boy Maturity, wisdom, sensible conduct Add
Ruyah Girl Dream, vision Add
Sa'd Boy Felicity. Add
Sa'id Boy Happy, fortunate. Add
Sa'im Boy Fasting. Add
Sa'ir Boy Walking, going on foot. Add
Saad Boy Good luck Add
Sab Boy Lion Add
Saba Girl Sheba, a town in Yemen Add
Sabaa Girl a nice wind Add
Sabah Girl Morning Add
Sabir Boy Patient. Add
Sabr Girl Patience, self control Add
Sabri Boy Of patience, perseverence Add
Sabur Boy Patient, perservent. Add
Sad Boy Good luck Add
Sadad Boy Right thing to do, lucky hand Add
Sadad Girl Right thing to do, lucky hand Add
Sadaf Girl Shell, Oyster, Pearl. Add