Muslim Boy Names

Islamic Baby Names

A Good and Beautiful Name is the Greatest Gifts You can Give Your Children.

Name Meaning My Favorites
Shaukat Grandeur.
Shawaiz Speak melodious.
Shawqi Affectionate
Shayaan Intelligent.
Shayan Praised
Shaybah Grey-haired, aged.
Shazad Prince.
Shazeb Decorated king.
Shehroze King of Roses.
Shehryaar Sovereign.
Shehzaad Prince
Sheraz Loving, Caring, Daring.
Shibli Was a great Scholar and writer.
Shihab Flame, blaze
Shihab al Din Star of the Faith
Shihad Honey
Shiraz Sweet.
Shoaib A Prophet's name.
Shu'aa Beams, Rays.
Shuaib, Shuayb A Prophets name
Shuayb A Prophets name.
Shuja Brave, bold, Valour.
Shukri Thankfulness
Shumayl Complete
Shuneal Traveller.