Muslim Girl Names

Islamic Baby Names

A Good and Beautiful Name is the Greatest Gifts You can Give Your Children.

Name Meaning Favorites
Firdowsa Highest garden of paradise.
Firyal Old Arabic name
Fiza Wind.
Fozia Successful and victorious.
Foziah Successful.
Fudayl Learned, Scholar.
Furat Sweet water
Furayah Handsome, Well-built.
Fusaylah Some distance.
Fuseelah Name of a narrator of hadith.
Futun Fascinations
Gazala Intelligent, charming
Ghadah Beautiful.
Ghadah, Ghaada Beautiful
Ghadir Stream
Ghalibah Dominant.
Ghaliyah Fragrant, beloved, valuable.
Ghaliyah, Ghaaliya Dear, beloved, fragrant, expensive
Ghaneemah Spoils, booty.
Ghania Beautiful
Ghaniyah Pretty girl, beautiful woman, beauty
Gharam Love
Ghareebah Strange, foreign.
Ghayda Young and delicate.
Ghayda, Ghaydaa Young and delicate