Muslim Girl Names

Islamic Baby Names

A Good and Beautiful Name is the Greatest Gifts You can Give Your Children.

Name Meaning Favorites
Nashida Student
Nashirah Publisher, Diffuser; Spreader.
Nashita Energetic, full of life NULL
Nashitah Active, energetic.
Nashmia Garden of flowers.
Nashwa Fragrance, perfume, that which intoxicates
Nasifah Just, equitable.
Nasiha One who gives valuable advice
Nasihah Advisor.
Nasimah Gentle breeze, zephyr.
Nasira Victorious, helper
Nasirah Helper, protector.
Nasmah Breeze
Nasra Helper.
Nasreen Wild Rose.
Nasrin Eglantier
Nasrullah Victory of Allah.
Natasha Strong.
Nathifa Clean, pure
Naureen Bright light.
Naushaba Elixir.
Nausheen Sweet, pleasant, agreeable.
Naveen New, Excellent, Something that is better than the rest.
Navil To be blessed.
Nawal Gift