Muslim Girl Names

Islamic Baby Names

A Good and Beautiful Name is the Greatest Gifts You can Give Your Children.

Name Meaning Favorites
Sfiyah Righteous
Shabana Famous.
Shabeehah Picture, Image, Like.
Shabina The eye of the storm.
Shabnam Dew.
Shadan Young gazelle
Shadha Aromatic.
Shadha, Shadhaa Aroma
Shadhiyah Aromatic
Shadiyah Singer
Shadmani Joy, happiness.
Shafana Integrity and Virtuous.
Shafaq Dawn. Redness in the sky at sunset
Shafath Curing or healing people.
Shafeeqah A compassionate kind hearted friend.
Shafia Mercy.
Shafiah Intercessor.
Shafiqah Compassionate, sympathetic
Shahada Bearing witness.
Shahana Queen.
Shahd Honey, honeycomb
Shahed Honey.
Shaheenah Falcon.
Shaheerah Well-known.
Shahida Witness.