Muslim Names and Meaning

Five Letter Muslim Girl Names

Name Meaning Favorites
Asiya The Muslim wife of Pharaoh.
Asmat Pure, Clean.
Asrar Secrets
Athir Favored, preferred
Atifa Affectionate, sympathetic.
Atiya Gift
Atyaf Fantasies
Ayaat Many signs & proofs, verses in the Quran.
Ayana Lucky, good day, day of judgement.
Aydan From the moon
Aymen Sacred, Brave, Old name of Arabia.
Azraa Unpierced pearl.
Azzah Young, female gazelle.
Badia Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique
Badra Full moon
Bahar Spring, Prime (of life), Bloom (of youth).
Bahia Nice
Bakht Lot, Fate, Portion.
Banan Delicate, finger tips
Bayan Clearness, eloquence
Beena Seeing, clear sighted.
Bisar Adolescent
Bisma Smile
Budur Full moons
Dahab Gold