Muslim Names and Meaning

Four Letter Muslim Girl Names

Name Meaning Favorites
Aala Bounties.
Aara Adoring
Abal Wild rose
Abda Worshipper.
Abia Great
Abir Serious, beautiful.
Abra Example, lesson
Adab Hope, Need.
Afaf Chaste, virtuous, decent, pure
Afia Away from all Problems.
Afra Dust-coloured.
Afsa Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) wife.
Afya Shadows
Aila Noble.
Aini Spring, flower, source, choice
Aiza Noble.
Ajwa Name of a date in Saudia Arabia. Tree planted by Holy Prohpet (PBUH).
Akia Sister.
Alia Beautiful.
Alma Apple.
Alya Loftiness
Amah Slave (Female); Daughter of Khalid bin Saeed, a female companion, daughter of companion, had this name. She was born in Habshah, and was married to Az-Zubayr bin Al-Awwam.
Amal Hope, aspiration.
Aman Security, peace, safety
Amna Peace.