Muslim Names and Meaning

Four Letter Muslim Girl Names

Name Meaning Favorites
Amra Princess.
Anah Patience, perseverence.
Anam Present.
Anan Clouds.
Anum Blessing of god, gods gift.
Aqsa Name of a mosque.
Aram Signs, flags
Arfa Greatness
Arij Sweet Smell.
Arub Loving (to husband).
Arwa Mountain gazelle.
Arya Noble.
Arzo Hope.
Arzu Wish, hope, love.
Asil Smooth
Asma Loftier, more eminent.
Asna The one to be acknowledged or praised.
Asra Travel by night
Atia Gift.
Ayah A verse from Quran or a sign from God.
Ayan Time, era,God gift and Persian meaning is inspiration, long night, in arabic word '?????'(Ayyaan) means: visible also refers to someone who has wide eyes
Ayat Quranic verses, clear evidences, signs of God
Ayra Respectable.
Aziz Friendship.
Azka Pious.