Muslim Names and Meaning

Girl Names Starting with Letter B

Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique

Unprecedented, amazing, admirable, unique


Full moon

Resembling the full moon.

Resembling the full moon

Value, Worth.

Spring, Prime (of life), Bloom (of youth).


Magnificent, splendid

Dazzling, brilliant.

Dazzling, brilliant, noble lady

Beautiful, Radiant

Beautiful, radiant

Radiant, beautiful.

She was a devoted worshipper and ascetic of Basrah. She used to say, "If the heart gives up the passions (evil desires), it will then demosticate knowledge." (A.N).

Lot, Fate, Portion.

Fortunate, Lucky.

She was the daughter of Ahmad bin Mishqar, and a distinguished woman of her times; she was the wife of Sayfud-din al- Hanafi. (A.N).

Name of the Queen of Sheba

Balsam, balm

a kind of tree

Daughter of Abdullah al-Rumiyah; was a very pious and generous woman who gave much in charity (A.N).

Delicate, finger tips

The daughter of al-Mahdi.