Muslim Names and Meaning

Three Letter Muslim Girl Names

Name Meaning Favorites
Ada Grace, Expression.
Adn Paradise
Ahd Pledge, commitment, delegation
Ain Eye, thus "precious"
Ana Prestige, self respect.
Ara Opinions
Awa Beautiful angel, night.
Aya Phrase from the holy Quran.
Ban a kind of tree
Dad Old Arabic name
Dua Prayer
Fir A sharp weapon.
Hur Virgins of paradise
Iba Pride, sense
Ilm Slave girl belonging to Zubaydah, wife of Harun al-Rashid had this name.
Isa Spacious, generous
Jud Generosity
Jun Inlet, bay, gulf
Kas Glass.
May Old Arabic name
Rua Dreams, visions
Ula Uppermost, highest
Wad Promise
Wid Loving, affectionate
Zia Light, Splendid