Muslim Names and Meaning

Islamic Baby Names

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Muslim names

Name Gender Meaning Favorites
Abdul QahaarBoyServant of the Subduer and the Almighty
Abdul QahharBoyServant of the Subduer, the Almighty
Abdul QawiBoyServant of the Most Strong
Abdul QayyumBoyServant of the Self Subsisting
Abdul QuddusBoyServant of the Most Holy
Abdul QudoosBoyServant of the Most Holy
Abdul RaafiBoyServant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), One who Elevates
Abdul RabbBoySlave of the Lord.
Abdul RafiBoyServant of the One Who Raises, Elevates (intellect, esteem)
Abdul RaheemBoyServant of the Most Compassionate
Abdul RahimBoyServant of the Merciful
Abdul RahmanBoyServant of the Beneficent
Abdul RaqibBoySlave of the Vigilant.
Abdul RashidBoyServant of the Rightly Guided One
Abdul RaufBoyServant of the Compassionate
Abdul RazzaqBoyServant of the Maintainer, the Provider
Abdul SaburBoyServant of the Patient
Abdul SalamBoyServant of the Peace
Abdul SamadBoyServant of the Eternal
Abdul SamiBoyServant of the All Hearing
Abdul SattarBoyServant of the Protector
Abdul ShahidBoyServant of the Witness
Abdul ShakurBoyServant of the Most Thankful
Abdul TawwabBoyServant of the Forgiver
Abdul WaajidBoy Servant of the Finder.