Muslim Boy Names Start With K

Comprehensive List of Unique and Beautiful Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With K. Showing 101 to 125 of 183 names

Kerbal is an Arabic name for boys that refers to a device used for combing cotton.

Crown, King.

Keyan is an indirect Quranic name for boys that means being, existence, essence. It is derived from the K-W-N (existence, being, was) root, which is one of the most common roots of the Arabic language, used over 800 times in the Quran:

World, universe

Low profile, Loyal, Faithful, Obey


Pure, Genuine, Clean

Khalud is an Arabic name for boys that means immortal, eternal. It is a phonetic variant of Khalud (which has a shorter a sound at the beginning).

Engross, Calm

Last of, Seal, Stamp


One who paces, trots or walk


Khadamullah is an Arabic name for boys that means servant of God.

خضيرGreen or green crop (connoting freshness and innocence)

Servant, attendant.

Best Friend

Easy, comfortable, smooth.

Nimble, lively, agile, clever.

Easy, comfortable, smooth, also a name of Allah Al-Khafid meaning one who humbles, The Abaser, hence Abdul Khafid.

Good, blessing, boon, wealth, benevolent, fortune.

Goodness of the faith


Blessings, good work, good deeds.

Charitable, beneficent

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