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Trustworthy, reliable.



An old Arabian Tribe's name.

Maadil is an Arabic name for boys that means road, way, method, creed.

Metal, mineral.

Metallic, made of metal.

Inhabited, resided in, a place that is inhabited by people and is not in ruins.

Glorious, honourable, generous, splended, Allahs attribute , Name Abdul Majid.

Owner, proprietor, master, an attribute applied to Allah Almighty , Name of a sahabi who took part in the battle of badr , Name of great jurist and scholar of Hadith.

One who prevernts, Neglect the forbidden of a matter, Stopping, Opposition.

Ultimate Goal, Destiny and Conclusion

Knowledge, wisdom

Ascents, routes of ascent, stairs”, The 70th Surah of the Quran

Communities, societies, folks, groups of people. It is the plural of Maashar.

Masters, chiefs.

Maayish is an Arabic name for boys that means livelihood, sustenance.

Maayush is an Arabic name for boys that means alive, living, living well.

Brave Man.

Friend of Prophet Muhammad, Sahabi name

Maazim is an Arabic name for boys that means dignified, patient, enduring, resolved.

Cloud that carries rain


Excused, blameless.

A place of worship.

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