Muslim Boy Names Start With m

Comprehensive List of Unique and Beautiful Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With m. Showing 31 to 60 of 283 names

Beloved, dear

The guided one.

Guided to the right path

Fine or thin texture, feeble voice, Like the moon.


Safe, protected by God


Skilled, Good attitude

Place to sleep, quarters, lodgings.

Concealed, veiled

The praised one, commendable.

The praised one; variation of the name "Muhammad"

Protected (by God)


Glory of the Faith

Glorious, praiseworthy.



One who is served.

Strong, firm, well founded

Pertaining to Makkah.

A reciter of Quran was so called.

Master, king

One who is commended, praised, glorified

Person commended, praised.

Secure, fearless.

Trustworthy, trusted


Vowed, consecrated to God

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