Muslim Boy Names Start With n

Comprehensive List of Unique and Beautiful Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With n. Showing 151 to 180 of 386 names

Preacher, Advisor



One who helps.

Defender of the religion (Islam)

Defender of Islam, Naseer (Defender), al (the), Islam

Defender of the state, Naseer (Defender), al (the), Dolah (state)

Assister, Friend, Protector

Growing up, youth

Joy, Cheer.

Energetic, dynamic, lively, fresh, vigorous.

One who mentions and praises another person. It also means one who recites poetry.


Half part, Head cover

Helper, Assistant

One who scatters,Exposer,Announcer, One who publishes.

Energetic, active.

Victory from Allah

Exultant, elated

Noble, relative

Most just, equitable.

Advisor, counselor

Counselor of the religion (Islam).

Soft wind, Soul, Sweat

Pious. Devotee.

Nasikh is an Arabic name for boys that means copyist, clerk. It also means changer, editor, blotter, a person who makes changes to a text.

Fresh air

Breeze of the religion (Islam).

Breeze of the Truth i.e. Allah.

Protector, helper, supporter

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