Muslim Boy Names Start With z

Comprehensive List of Unique and Beautiful Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With z. Showing 61 to 90 of 172 names

Friend, beloved.


Gos is gracious

Elegant and intelligent

Lion, Million

Handsome, Kind hearted.

Name of a Prophet (A.S).

A Prophets name (Zakaria)

One who is intelligent


A bright and rosy beginning

Intelligent, pure, chaste.


Someone who believes in Allah, faith.



A bright or dazzling light

One who is noble and honest

Ones hearts

One who has great courage

Time, destiny.

Destiny, Knowledge

One who is graceful

Beautiful, Gold


One who is graceful and helpful

Friend, collegue.

One who is grounded and honest

Precious like a diamond

One who sparkles like the stars

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