Muslim Girl Names Starting with L: Meaningful Islamic Names for Baby Girls

Explore a wide range of Muslim girl names starting with the letter L. Discover meaningful choices rooted in Islamic heritage, each with unique meanings and cultural significance. Find the perfect name that embodies your values and faith, creating a beautiful identity for your baby girl. Showing 31 to 60 of 150 names


Gold, Ruby, Pearl and Coral. Lalee means pearls, it is the plural for Luluah (pearl). Pearl is mentioned six times in the Quran, such as in Surat al-Insan 76:19.

From leila

Lalezar is a Persian name for girls that means field of tulips, a large area of land where tulip flowers grow.

Piece of land that defends only on rain.

Lal - Ruby, Zar - Golden.

Darkness of lips

Lamaah is an Arabic name for girls that means shine, glimmer, glitter.

Lamaan is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means glimmer, shimmer, glow.


Brilliancy, Success


Pure silk.


Lamihah is an Arabic name for girls that means one who glances.

Soft to the touch

Soft to touch.

Soft to the touch.

With beautiful curls,Dark lipped.

Brilliant, the mercy of Allah

Of dark lips.

Of dark lips

to be gentle, soft, tender

Reference To The Virgin Mary.

The Best.

Without a doubt.


Larisaa is a Persian name for girls that means precious, valuable. Its literal meaning is like silver coin, from Lari (a type of silver coin used in ancient Persia) and sa (Persian likeness suffix).


Very intelligent.

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