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Muslim Girl Names Starting with U: Meaningful Islamic Names for Baby Girls

Explore a wide range of Muslim girl names starting with the letter U. Discover meaningful choices rooted in Islamic heritage, each with unique meanings and cultural significance. Find the perfect name that embodies your values and faith, creating a beautiful identity for your baby girl. Showing 1 to 30 of 32 names

Waves, heavy rain


She was a narrator of Hadith.

Commitment, pledge, delegation

Light of the universe.


Uppermost, highest

Harmony, intimacy

Name of Sahabiyaat

To perform umra

Name of Sahabiyaat

Bright, beautiful and soft hearted.

Young mother; name of the Prophets granddaughter

Young mother

She was a narrator of Hadith.

She was the daughter of Alqamah.

Name of the Prophets daughter

One with round face.

The mother of kulsum.

She was a narrator of Hadith.

Gift of God

Mother of sons


a wish, an aspiration

Name of Sahabiyaat

Friendly; Affable.

One who belongs in the skies.

Old Arabic name

Everlasting happiness, illumination

The Thing To Be Satisfied With

A narrator of Hadith.

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