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Muslim Girl Names Starting with M: Meaningful Islamic Names for Baby Girls

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One who affirms the Truth.

She narrated hadith from Sayyidina Ayshah.

Musefah is an Arabic name for girls that means helper, rescuer.

A Woman with a Beautiful Face

Mushaa is an Arabic name for girls that means one who walks or travels at a gentle pace.

One who is at the pinnacle of strength, one who is at the pinnacle of knowledge, a person is very wise or strong.

Observance, evidence, study.

Honoured, elevated.

Giving counsel, advising

Radiant, radiating.

Mushilah is an Arabic name for girls that means kindler, lighter, one who lights or kindles a lamp or fire.

Counsellor, adviser, fem. of Mushir.

Giving counsel, advising

Overlooking, towering, elevated. It also means overseer, foreman.


One who makes others happy, one who brings joy. It also means helper.

One Who Affirms The Truth.

One who says things that bring joy and happiness to others, one who makes others happy.

Smile, also Muskan.

Sense, intelligence.

Smile, Happy.

Muslihah is an Arabic name for girls that means good-doer (opposite of corrupter), improver, reformer.

Follower of the religion of Islam, fem. of Muslim.

Devout believer; submitting oneself to God

Rain, clouds

Rain, clouds

She narrated Hadith.


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