Muslim Girl Names Start With n

Coprehensive list of Muslim baby girl names beginning with the alphabet n. Showing 271 to 300 of 413 names

Bestowal, Gift

Very Rare, Exclusive.

Luminous, shining, fem. of Nayyir.


Purity, righteousness, honesty

Purity, righteousness, honesty.

Purity, righteousness, honesty

Proud, vain, haughty.

Elegant, delicate, beloved, Beautiful, pretty.

Handsome, Whimy.

Bloom, beauty.

Freshness of splendour.

A sight

One we take care of.

Nazee is a Persian name for girls that means charming, beautiful.



Nazeela is a Persian-Turkish name for girls that means charming, attractive, beautiful.

Like, equal, matching


Nazeeta is a Persian name for girls that means beautiful, charming.

Optimistic and full of hope

Cute flower.


Princess, Queen,Light,Angel


Name of a liberal woman of Baghdad who founded a religious school.

Observer, supervisor.

Like, equal, matching

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