Muslim Girl Names Start With z

Coprehensive list of Muslim baby girl names beginning with the alphabet z. Showing 61 to 90 of 226 names




A variant of Zulaikha, meaning brilliant beauty

This was the name of a distinguished woman of her times, she was Hajib known as Umm al-Hajib Abdul Malik.


Intelligent, Intellectual.

She was a narrator of Hadith.

Flow of water, Beauty

One who is an intelligent and wise woman


Name of a great Syrian queen

A precious gem like a diamond

Bright as the dawn.

The best victory

One who is precious andshines brightly

One who is elegant intelligent

A beautiful smile


A companion of Prophet (S.A.W).

One who is bright-faced like an angel

Ocean, Faith


Lovely flower, Black pearl

One who is successful, moves with grace

Beauty, smart.

Shining light

Beauty and light.

One who is elegant

A captivating beauty

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