Muslim Girl Names: Meaningful Islamic Names for Baby Girls

Discover a diverse collection of Muslim girl names that carry deep cultural significance and reflect the beauty of Islamic heritage. Explore traditional and modern options, each with unique meanings and connections to Islamic values. Find the perfect name that resonates with your family's faith and traditions, creating a meaningful identity for your precious baby girl. Showing 3361 to 3390 of 3453 names

Rising of light

Rising of Light, Lucky

Raising of light,Divine light

Princess, Smart, Inteligent.

Kurdish word for Sea

Highly productive,Resembling a dove


Light, Splendid

Shield of gold, Beautiful

Shield of gold

Smart and intelligent


Shade, Shadow


Shadow, Light

Shadow, Beauty


Adornment, ornamentation

Decorated with ornaments


Name of a sahabiah.


The very best

The way best Proof

To very best, Full moon

Radiant, Beautiful


Ligt gathering to entertain

Source of light, Friend

Light flower

Light Flower

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