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Saved by Allah. An epithet of Prophet Nuh.

Intimate friend of Allah.

One who engages in intimate conversation with God, meaning one who is close to God.

Rescuer, savior.


Intimate friend, bosom friend.

One who has wide beautiful eyes.

Star, celestial body.

Star of the faith

Date palm trees. It is the plural of Nakhlah, It also means something that is purified.

A cloud that brings torrential rain. It also means purified, pure.


Old Arabic name

Renowed, famous.

Renowed, famous.

Developing, increasing, growing, rising.


Adorner, decorator, embellisher, beautifier.

Good, pure, dear

Namjur is a Persian name for boys that means famous, well-known.

Sample, model, paragon.

Namran is an Arabic name for boys that means like a leopard, thus means strong, good fighter, brave.



Blessed, one given many blessings.


Naqeel is an Arabic name for boys that means stranger. It also means flood caused by rain.


President, head, chief.


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