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Most just, equitable.

Advisor, counselor

Counselor of the religion (Islam).

Soft wind, Soul, Sweat

Pious. Devotee.

Nasikh is an Arabic name for boys that means copyist, clerk. It also means changer, editor, blotter, a person who makes changes to a text.

Fresh air

Breeze of the religion (Islam).

Breeze of the Truth i.e. Allah.

Protector, helper, supporter

Protector of the faith

Defender of Islam, Defender of the religion, Nasir (Defender), ud (the), Din (religion)

Defender of the state, Nasir (Defender), ud (the), Dolah (state)

Defender of Islam, Nasir (Defender), ul (of), Islam

Protector of the faith

Supporter of the faith, a person who supports Islam and Muslims.


Faithful, loyal, sincere.

Help, victory.


Nasrat is the Turkish form of the Arabic word Nasrah which means help, support.

Of victory

Victory of the religion (Islam)


Victorious, Protector, Triumphant

Protector of the Faith


Sincere, faithful


Categorical (decision), talker, speaker, rational.

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