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Nattaj is an Arabic name for boys that means productive, fruitful.

A good lad, Generous

Name of great islamic scholar , sahaabi (imaam abu ha

Flower Beds, Blood, name of the kind of Hirah in Arabia, especially of the last, Numan bin Munzir, also name of a Sahabi (AS).


Glad tidings.

Iranian, Arabic Means "good news" in Persian.

Popular Arab name

Barron, ruler.

High, lofty

Nawafil is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means extra good deeds, good deeds that go beyond what is prescribed by religion, such as voluntary prayers. It also means gifts, presents.

Prince, kind, loving and generous.

Greatness, highness.

Generous; old Arabic name for the sea

Great, high.

Great, exalted, elevated.

Generosity, nobleness.

Nawras is a Persian name for boys and girls that means young, budding, blossoming. It is used with this meaning in Arabic as well. In Arabic it is also used to mean seagull, which is a type of bird, the word possibly taken from the Persian name for the bird (Nawruzi).

It's a Kurdish name for boys and girls that refers to the Persian New Years Day, which is the first day of spring (March 21).The word literally means new day, and is the same as the Persian name Nowrooz. The difference is that the Kurdish word Nawroz is used for both boys and girls while Nowrooz used only for boys

Representative, delegate, deputy, vicar, agent. It is the emphasized form of the word Naib.

High, lofty

Intending, aiming for, determined.


Highness and grace

Rare, Precious.

Elevated, Highness and grace,Noble

Brave, Strong and Courageous

Nayem is an Arabic name for boys that means calm, tranquil, reassured.

High, excellent; surplus, abundance

Radiant, brilliant.

Bright star, sun.

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