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Islamic Baby Names

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Muslim boy names

Muslim Boy Baby Name with Meanings. Alphabetical list of Boy names for Muslim babies. Choose an Islamic/Muslim baby name from the list of Boy baby names.

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Name Gender Meaning Favorites
BayhasBoyName of the lion
BazamBoyIt was the name of the Tabiee, Abu Salih.
BehzadBoyHonest and caring.
BilalBoySatisfies thirst; name of the Prophets Muezzin (one who calls for prayer)
Binyamin , BenyaminBoyThe Prophet Yusuf (as) brother's name
BoulosBoyArabic form of "Paul"
Budail, BudaylBoyName of a companion of the Prophet
BulhutBoyA narrator of hadith had this name.
BuraydBoyCold, Mind.
BushrBoyJoy, happiness
ButrusBoyArabic form of "Peter"
Da'wudBoyA Prophet's Name.
DaaminBoyGuarantor, Surety.
DaanishBoyWisdom, Learning, Science.
DabbahBoyLatch, door lock.
DaghfalBoyName of first Islamic geologist.
DakhilBoyForeigner, stranger.
DameerBoyHeart, Conscience.
DamurahBoySparkle of light, fire.
DaniBoyNear, close