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Islamic Boy Baby Names: Meaningful Names and Their Meanings for Muslim Boys

Browse our extensive collection of unique and beautiful Muslim boy baby names. Discover a comprehensive list of names, ranging from traditional to modern choices. Whether you're looking for a name deeply rooted in Islamic heritage or seeking a name with a special meaning, we have options to inspire you. This pagination displays names 26 to 50 allowing you to explore a diverse range of possibilities and find the perfect name for your precious little one.


Intelligent, Generous

Beautiful, Infinite

Rain bearing cloud

Knowing, aware.

The Brave Character Who Stands Up For His Faith And Belief.

Respectable man.

Raised or elevated, as in rank or character

War, battle, quarrel

Wish, Hope, Love.


Bold, courageous.



An able minister.

Person who keeps away from sins.

Protector, Prophet of Allah

Kind Affectionate.

Ancient, noble,



Clear, Eloquent, Lucid and Distinct. (Alternate spelling of name Aban)

Clear, Eloquent, Lucid and Distinct

Description of a lion


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