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Islamic Boy Baby Names: Meaningful Names and Their Meanings for Muslim Boys

Browse our extensive collection of unique and beautiful Muslim boy baby names. Discover a comprehensive list of names, ranging from traditional to modern choices. Whether you're looking for a name deeply rooted in Islamic heritage or seeking a name with a special meaning, we have options to inspire you. This pagination displays names 2776 to 2800 allowing you to explore a diverse range of possibilities and find the perfect name for your precious little one.

One who is brilliant or shining

Highly intelligent

One who leads from the frond, A great leader

One who is great follower of Allah

One who is under the shelter of the Allah

A lion hearted and daring individual

One who is highly honored


One who bettere himself, Growth

One who has high esteem or regard

One who is modest and stylish


Blessed with Allah

A mighty ruler


Best friend of the last prophet (S.A.W).

Gifft, Prayer

Gift from Allah, Protection without fear

Gift from Allah,The praised One

Gift, Precious helpful

Gift of God, Prayer


A loving being

The one who spreads light

Proper Name.

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