Muslim Boy Names and their Meaning

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Muslim Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorites
Masum Boy Innocent, infallible. Add
Masun Boy Well protected, sheltered Add
Mateen Boy Solid, constant, tough, substantive. Add
Matloob Boy Objective, goal. Add
Mawsil Boy Name of Hanafi Jurist of Iraq. Add
Maymun Boy Fortunate, blessed. Add
Maysarah Boy Of comfort, ease Add
Mazhar Boy Appearance Add
Mazin Boy Old Arabic name Add
Mehboob Boy Loveable. Add
Mehtab Boy The Moon. Add
Mekka Boy Name of Holy city. Add
Miftah Boy Key. Add
Mihran Boy Name of a companion of the Prophet Add
Mihyar Boy Name of a famous poet Add
Mika Boy Cool, sweet, intelligent. Add
Mika'il Boy One of Allah's angel. Add
Mikaeel Boy Name of Allah's Angel. Add
Mikail Boy Name of an Angel (Michael) Add
Mikayeel Boy One of the main Angels of Allah (SWT). Add
Mikhail Boy One of the main Angels of Allah (SWT). Add
Mimar Boy Mason, architect. Add
Minhaj Boy Road, Path. Add
Miqdad Boy Name of a Sahabi Add
Miraj Boy Ascension (to heaven). Add

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