Muslim Boy Names and their Meaning

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Muslim Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorites
Rifa'ah Boy Dignity. Add
Rihab Boy Vastness Add
Risay Boy The Risk, Black Rose, Lovest One, The One Add
Riyad Boy Gardens. Add
Riyad, Riyadh Boy Gardens Add
Riyasat Boy Rule, Dominion. Add
Rizq Boy Subsistence, blessing of God Add
Rizwan Boy Peon of Paradise. Add
Robeel Boy Flight. Add
Roshan Boy Bright, Shining. Add
Rowel Boy Flower. Add
Ruhi Boy Spiritual Add
Rukanah Boy Firm, Solid. Add
Rushd Boy Maturity, wisdom, sensible conduct Add
Rushdi Boy Mature, wise Add
Ruwaid, Ruwayd Boy Walking gently Add
Ruwayfi Boy Exalted. Add
Sa'd Boy Felicity. Add
Sa'dan Boy Happy, fortunate. Add
Sa'id Boy Happy, fortunate. Add
Sa'im Boy Fasting. Add
Sa'ir Boy Walking, going on foot. Add
Sa'irah Boy Walking. Add
Sa'ood Boy Fortunate, Happy. Add
Saad Boy Good luck Add

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