Muslim Boy Names and their Meaning

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Muslim Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorites
Shariq Boy Radiant, Bright. Add
Sharique Boy Sunrise. Add
Shaukat Boy Grandeur. Add
Shawaiz Boy Speak melodious. Add
Shawqi Boy Affectionate Add
Shayaan Boy Intelligent. Add
Shayan Boy Praised Add
Shaybah Boy Grey-haired, aged. Add
Shazad Boy Prince. Add
Shazeb Boy Decorated king. Add
Shehroze Boy King of Roses. Add
Shehryaar Boy Sovereign. Add
Shehzaad Boy Prince Add
Sheraz Boy Loving, Caring, Daring. Add
Shibli Boy Was a great Scholar and writer. Add
Shihab Boy Flame, blaze Add
Shihab al Din Boy Star of the Faith Add
Shihad Boy Honey Add
Shiraz Boy Sweet. Add
Shoaib Boy A Prophet's name. Add
Shu'aa Boy Beams, Rays. Add
Shuaib, Shuayb Boy A Prophets name Add
Shuayb Boy A Prophets name. Add
Shuja Boy Brave, bold, Valour. Add
Shukri Boy Thankfulness Add

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